AIRCARGO ITALIA was established in the year 1994, grouping together the previous independent Societies of Aircargo Florence, Aircargo Milan and Aircargo Rome.

Two main directions suddently came from the Management:

  • open the Company offices in each important area for air traffic
  • employ personnel of high quality and of huge experience to give to the new Company a great start up

birthday of some small Societies under the name of Aircargo Florence, Aircargo Milan and Air cargo Rome

all previous Aircargo Societies are grouped into AIRCARGO ITALIA srl that started working as CSR of Martinair Holland and as broker of some foreigners GSA (CDG, FRA, AMS)

AIRCARGO ITALIA finalize the opening with the offices of Malpensa, Turin and Bologna. Af ter long cooperation AIRCARGO ITALIA is nominated GSA Italy for the German Airline LTU

AIRCARGO ITALIA sign the GSA Contract with US Air the Philadelphia based airline that along the following year changed the name into US Airways

Martinair changes its contract with AIRCARGO ITALIA from CSR into official GSA Italy in consideration of the strong support to the Airline

AIRCARGO ITALIA sign the GSSA Italy Contract with Aeroflot

after one year of stop due to the cooperation with LH, US Airways came back to the Contract of GSA Italy with AIRCARGO ITALIA

AIRCARGO ITALIA becomes GSA Italy for Santa Barbara

AIRCARGO ITALIA signs with Air Transat a bilateral offline cooperation agreement for the northern Italy

On January 31st AIRCARGO ITALIA is appointed as GSA Italy by the Airline Air Cargo Germany

On March 3rd AIRCARGO ITALIA becomes GSA Italy for the turkish Pegasus Airlines